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Do you need some advice on a nagging defect causing problem? Have questions about possible alternative technologies, materials or component packages? Are you wondering about the impact a new methodology, component package or material might have on your process? These and many other questions can sometimes be easily, quickly and economically answered by the experienced consultants of ITM – most likely without the need for a site visit.

The procedure is very easy. Use the Contact Form at or this link: )

State your question in the area provided and submit the form. ITM will respond to you within 24 hours of receiving the inquiry.

It it is a question or problem we can work on with you via a telephone or email conversation, we will refer you to submit a Telephone Consultation request via our E-Commerce Store. We will have the ITM consultant (or consultants) with the most appropriate and extensive expertise in knowledge of the topic contact you with a phone number for the telephone consultation session. Or you may submit your question via email to be answered via email.

The cost for a maximum 1 hour of telephone consultation or email response is $200. ITM accepts Paypal and credit cards through Paypal through the E-Commerce Store. If further telephone and/or email consultation is required, you can opt for that. If you and the consultant agree that an on-site consultation is required, you can arrange for that with ITM and the cost of the telephone consultation will be applied to the on-site fee.

Don’t fight a problem, deal with it! Contact ITM Consulting today.