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SMT Manufacturing - Introduction to the Assembly Process

SMT Manufacturing -

Introduction to the Assembly Process

This course is intended to provide the participant with a thorough yet practical overview of Surface Mount Technology manufacturing. The SMT assembly process will be covered, step by step.

Instructors: Phil Zarrow, Jim Hall and/or Joe Belmonte

Duration: 1 Day

Topics Covered:

I. The SMT Concept

Surface Mount versus Through-hole technology

Types of SMT assemblies

II. Solder Paste

Solder Paste Composition and Behavior:

Fluxes: RMA, Water Soluble, No-cleans

III. Solder Paste Printing and Deposition

Deposition Basics

Screen and Stencil Engineering

Control and Variables

Machine Elements and Parameters

Machine and Operator Interaction

VI. Automatic Component Placement

Manual and Semi-automatic alternatives

Categorization of Automatic Placement Equipment (Levels I through V)

Flexibility versus Throughput


V. SMT Soldering


Principles and Methods of Reflow Soldering

Reflow Process Considerations

Atmospheric Soldering (Nitrogen)

Reflow Specification

Reflow Process Trouble-shooting

Who Should Attend:

This course is intended for Manufacturing, Process, Design, Test and Quality Engineering personnel as well as Management that are just getting involved in SMT assembly and want to become familiar and comfortable with the process and related technologies.