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Consulting firms CBA and ITM join forces to offer comprehensive electronics manufacturing data and training

Strategic planning and training programs for global decision-making


January 30, 2013, Maui, Hawaii. Charlie Barnhart & Associates LLC  and ITM Consulting announce a joint venture to provide a full range of consulting services to electronics manufacturers. As the electronics industry evolves beyond outsourcing to other more complex manufacturing supply solutions,  there is a need for business and operations consulting services that are seamless and well aligned. The joint venture is designed to provide such services.


CBA is focused exclusively on the outsourced electronics manufacturing relationship, providing data and analysis to support global strategic decision-making. ITM Consulting helps companies set up, improve, certify and validate the electronics assembly operations themselves. Together, the two organizations can offer a well coordinated fast track to designing a global, cross enterprise, lean and efficient manufacturing supply solution that delivers substantial innovation and competitive advantage.


"Our research has identified a number of significant sea-changes occurring now in global high tech manufacturing," explained Charlie Barnhart. "We see global shifts occurring: in the slower growth of outsourcing; in the way companies are managing their product life-cycles, and a return to a regional approach, e.g. building in the region where the product is sold. Many OEMs are starting with a clean slate and looking at every aspect of their manufacturing strategy, including whether to outsource or not. By teaming up with ITMConsulting, we can help clients add manufacturing capability or bring new competitiveness to existing processes, for example through Lean implementation. ITM has an excellent track record in solving problems and cost-effective training and process engineering. We look forward to working with them."


“We believe this offering will help companies that are re-designing their manufacturing supply solution and moving from one region to another, or bringing manufacturing in-house,” added Phil Zarrow, president of ITM Consulting. “Where CBA advises the business side of electronic assembly, ITM helps with the technological side of it – processes, procedures, equipment, materials, quality and lean six sigma manufacturing. If clients are setting up a new line or modifying an existing facility, we help them get it right- the first time.”


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ITM Headquarters Relocation

ITM Consulting's main office and headquarters will be relocating on Sept 1 from NH to our new facility in Spring Hill, TN.  Phil Zarrow, President and Principal Consultant will be making the move and is very much looking forward to residing in the South (and warmer winters).    Jim Hall and Joe Belmonte, Principal Consultants, will still maintain their offices in MA, Waltham and Plainville respectively.  Dr Ron Lasky, Associate Consultant continues to reside in Woodstock, VT and teach at Dartmouth College.  Bob Klenke, Managing Director of ITM Marketing and Principal Consultant with ITM Consulting will be relocating from WI to WA in the not-too-distant future.  The relocation across the US allows for even more expeditious response time for clients with process failure analysis emergencies.

ITM Lean Six-SIgma Greenbelt Program Introduced

ITM has introduced its Lean Six-Sigma Green Belt program.  The ITM Lean Six Sigma program is the only electronics assembly industry specific program in the world.. Unlike other general LSS programs, the ITM Lean Six Sigma Green Belt curriculum focuses on the requirements, parameters and culture as well as the processes, equipment and materials pertinent to electronic assemblers. The program teaches the participant how to:

  • Analyze the root cause of defects and product problems
  • Redesign process flow to accommodate customer and supply chain variability
  • Make informed decisions about cost benefit of a company project
  • Capture and utilize meaningful metrics to help know and grow your business
  • Experiment to determine best practices to deliver quality product


The ITM Lean Six Sigma Greenbelt course is offered as a scheduled workshop on-site at your facility.  Examples used in the class, as well as projects, are not only germane to electronic assembly situations and problems but can be directed towards the specifics of your company.  Successful attainment of the ITM Green Belt will help you solve problems, reduce waste, improve process speed, and eliminate process variation.

For further detail, please refer to the Progarm Description under Consulting Services/In-Plant Training on this website.